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Managed Brand Protection

We get it. Fighting piracy is about protecting you and your company’s revenue and reputation.
It's also extremely time consuming, labor intensive, and skill based. That’s why we custom-fit your service plan so you maximize your return on investment.
We'll protect you, your reputation, and your revenue.
This is a carefree, managed solution - we take care of it all.
Piracy Monitoring & Searching.
DMCA Takedown Notices.
Infringing Service Provider Research.
Abuse Forms Submissions.
Compliance Checking.
Escalation if Notices are Disregarded.
Search Engine Link Removal.
Dealing with Notice Recipients.

DMCA Takedown Notice + Full Service Package

OvidisDEV's fully qualified, experienced takedown professionals get your stolen content removed. This is our peace of mind, full service package. Our team does all the work.
$189 per infringing website (URL / domain where your stolen content is hosted)
100% Guaranteed money Back refund. If we can't get it down you get your money back.
This service is a professionally managed takedown notice.
Your case comes with a case manager - who will communicate with you every step of the way.
Full case management providing daily updates on the status of your takedown.
We do all the relevant research, contacting, emailing and followup etc.

DMCA Takedown Notice

If you just need a takedown notice sent to the host, ISP or owner. This is a perfect fit. Price competitively to match other low cost service providers.
$89 per infringing website (URL / domain) where your stolen content is hosted).
OvidisDEV does all the relevant research, contacting and sending of the correct content removal notices.
Infringing content hosts and owners are provided the correct content removal notice.
No takedown notice followup.

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